Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Suggestions for volunteer teachers:

1) If you're volunteering during the winter months, bring appropriate clothing. Days may be warm and sunny, but the nights can be bitterly cold.

2) When purchasing goods and services, be sure to mention that you're a volunteer. Many vendors will offer you an additional discount when you're negotiating a price.

3) If you're teaching English, come prepared with many lesson plans and educational games (for various ages). The schools are often lacking in structure and may look to you to create the lessons. Use different kinds of learning materials to make the lessons fun - music, maps, markers, poster-boards, etc. - most of these items can be purchased in Kathmandu.

4) Don't load your suitcase or backpack down with books from home. Kathmandu has numerous bookshops with all of the most popular titles in several languages, available in both new and used copies. Often times, you can sell back your books back for 50% of the purchase price.

~ Shelby Scarpa from Florida, US