Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Right now I am in USA

Hi Matrika.
Thanks again for finding a good place for me in Dhupu -- it was just what I was looking for. Right now I am back in the USA and will start classes tomorrow. I had an okay trip through India, but some things went unexpectedly. Fortunately it was nothing too bad.

I hope business picks up for you again soon. I also put my photos from this trip to Nepal here if you are curious to see them.

The book you lent to me -- your Nepali study book -- almost came back with me. But I realized that I still had it before I got out of the taxi to the airport, and the driver said he would do me a favor and give it back to you. I hope it made it back to the Millennium and is being used by a new volunteer now.

Thanks again and stay in touch! The future is unknown, but I hope to work with you again!

John Fuhrman